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February 16th 2024:

- Single "Sonic Rebirth Part IV I: Destroy Chemistry" released -

Today the second single of the new and upcoming TPSC studio album "Sonic Rebirth" was released" (click on image for favorite outlet)
















February 9th 2024:

- Atmos & 5.1 versions of TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" released (click on image for purchase options) -

You can now find the highly acclaimed TPSC debut album feat. Derek Sherinian (Ex-Dream Theater, Whom Gods Destroy) as a

special guest on keyboards, Aquiles Priester (Ex-Angra, W.A.S.P.) on drums, Conner Green (Haken, Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress), Kevin Moore 

Ex-Dream Theater, O.S.I., Chroma Key) on loops & samples, Luis Conte (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins), and many more here at Immersive Audio Album:

Immerse yourself in this sonic listening experience while preparing for the upcoming second TPSC album "Sonic Rebirth", which will drop March 15th 2024!

February 2nd 2024:

- Single "Sonic Rebirth Part II: I am here" released -

Today the first single of the new and upcoming TPSC studio album "Sonic Rebirth" was released" (click on image for favorite outlet)







Make sure to get your copy here:



December 12th 2023:

- New album release announced -

The new TPSC studio album "Sonic Rebirth" will be released March 15th 2024!

"Sonic Rebirth" will be released via Metalville Records / Rough Trade Distribution, and will mark the continuation of the highly acclaimed

TPSC debut "Sonic Birth" (2020) as a follow-up concept album.





The new studio album will once again feature some incredible musicians such as Vladimir Lalic (lead vocals),

Megan Burtt (Gingerbomb, guest lead vocals), Jamie Powell & Simen Børven (Leprous) on bass, Gerald Peter (known for his

solo project & his work with Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess on his Rockestra project & Cirque Du Soleil) providing

keyboard leads & piano, TPSC live drummer Tim Korycki (Tomorrow's Eve) plus appearances by Adam Marko (drums) &

Zsolt Kaltenecker (keys) from Special Providence, Luis Conte (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins) on percussions, Damiano Della Torre

(Luciano Pavarotti, Terence Trent D’Arby, Tom Jones, Joe Cocker) on accordion, and many more!

"Sonic Rebirth" was mastered by Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering who have won multiple Grammy Awards, and

who is also known for his work with legends such as Metallica and many other greats.

The album will be released as a digital release (download & streaming) and also in two physical formats (CD, vinyl, available via the TPSC online store).


November 17th 2023:

- New single release -

TPSC have released the cover song "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing" as a tribute to the amazing band Garbage. This one-off

single release features Megan Burtt (solo artist, Gingerbomb) as a guest lead vocalist, Florian Zepf on guitars & keyboards,

Jamie Powell on bass and Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra) on drums.







March 21st 2022:

- TPSC live @ Artrock Festival X. in Reichenbach, Germany -

TPSC are scheduled to perform on April 9th 2022 at Artrock - Festival Reichenbach X. at Neuberinhaus Reichenbach, Germany. As you can imagine, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the consequences coming with it (such significant travel restrictions, cancelled tours & rescheduling of shows, etc.) it was impossible to get the TPSC line-up that you know from the 2020 debut album “Sonic Birth” to Germany.

However, we are absolutely thrilled to confirm the live line-up mentioned below:

Vladimir Lalic (TPSC, Organized Chaos, David Maxim Micic) – Vocals

Gerald Peter (Jordan Rudess' Rockestra project, Cirque du Soleil) – Keyboards

Florian Zepf (TPSC) – Guitars

Jamie Hancox – Bass

Tim Korycki (Tomorrow's Eve) – Drums

At this show we want to perform for you the TPSC debut album “Sonic Birth” in it’s entirety.  So, if you

ever wondered how all of this sounds live, this is your chance!


Tickets can be purchased via the festival website:


November 14th 2020:

- TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" out now / References used on the album -

Check out some of the references from different philosophers used on the album "Sonic Birth":

September 21st 2020:

- TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" in the US Top 50 Metal Radio Charts  -

How cool is this? "Sonic Birth" is in the US Top 50 Metal Radio Charts

Here you go:


September 11th 2020:

- TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" released  -

Today is the day! Finally, after beginning the work on this album in August 2017 the TPSC debut

album "Sonic Birth" has finally been released! Make sure to get your copy!


Thanks so much to Metalville Records & Rough Trade Distribution for trusting in this project!


To celebrate the release of the album we have released "A Formula For Happiness"

as another feature song of the album, you can check out the official music video here:



















September 5th 2020:

- TPSC interview with Metal Express Radio  -

Here's an interview with Metal Express Radio as part of their backstage series




September 4th 2020:

- TPSC album "Sonic Birth" album review summary  -

With just one more week to go until the release of the TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth",

here is a summary of some great reviews of the album (click on image to enlarge)












September 1st 2020:

- TPSC album "Sonic Birth" direct pre-order via artist & option for signed album copies  -

You can now pre-order the TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" (CD Digipack) directly

from the artist. You can also choose to have your album copy signed by Florian.


Please visit the TPSC online store on this site for options as well as terms and conditions.

All pre-ordered items will be shipped on the day of the official album release (Sept. 11th 2020). 


Only a few days to go until "Sonic Birth" hits the stores, so make sure to get your copy!



August 31st 2020:

- TPSC album review by Progressive Rock Central -

Awesome review of the TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" by Progressive Rock Central:

August 28th 2020:

- New TPSC single "Hurt" released -

Check out the new music video:

Get the new single here:

August 26th 2020:

- TPSC album review by Metal Temple -

Great review of the TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" by Metal Temple: 


August 25th 2020:

- TPSC in Eclipsed Magazine -

The TPSC song "A Formula For Happiness" will be featured on the "Art Of Sysyphus Vol.110"

sampler accompanying the upcoming issue of Eclipsed Rock Magazine (Germany).


This is your chance to listen to new TPSC music before the official release

of the debut album "Sonic Birth" (street date is September 11th 2020).

August 19th 2020:

- TPSC album pre-order -

The TPSC debut album "Sonic Birth" can now be pre-ordered here:

August 15th 2020:

- TPSC is now on Spotify -

Check out the new TPSC single "Fractional Emotion" on Spotify:

August 14th 2020:

- TPSC single "Fractional Emotion" now released -

The first single entitled "Fractional Emotion" from the upcoming debut album "Sonic Birth" has been released !

Check it out:

You can also buy the single here:

August 13th 2020:

- First TPSC single to be released tomorrow -

The first single entitled "Fractional Emotion" from the upcoming debut album "Sonic Birth" will be released tomorrow!

Make sure to check the Metalville and the TPSC Youtube-Channels:



August 11th 2020:

- TPSC album teaser -


Metalville Records has released an album teaser on the upcoming debut album "Sonic Birth".

August 9th 2020:


- TPSC sound snippet -


A new sound snippet of the song "Comfortable Darkness" is now available in the media section. Have fun!


August 9th 2020:


- TPSC music on “Megawatt Mayhem" radio show -

TPSC will be on the Megawatt Mayhem radio show with the song "Fractional Emotion". This is Canada’s

longest running Heavy Metal radio show on CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary and streaming to the world.


TPSC is on Episode August 9th 2020 (Episode 1600-94 (194 / 1048), 'The Cutting Edge'), 12:00 am to 03:00 am.


Here's the link:


Also soon available in the CJSW 90.9 FM podcast library:


August 7th 2020:

- TPSC music on “When Prog and Metal Unite“ web-radio show -

The next episode of the web-radio show “When Prog and Metal Unite“ with Aloys Martens

on Sunday 09.08.2020, 7pm CET will feature new TPSC music from the upcoming debut

album "Sonic Birth". Make sure to tune in:

August 3rd 2020:


- TPSC sound snippet -


A new sound snippet of the song "A Formula For Happiness" is now available in the media section. Enjoy!

August 2nd 2020:

- TPSC on the radio -


The first TPSC song to be broadcasted via radio was "Destiny Inc.", a 15-minute (!!) epic tune

(web-radio show “When Prog and Metal Unite“ with Aloys Martens,Sunday 02.08.2020, 7pm CET,

Web: Thanks Aloys!


August 1st 2020:


- TPSC on social media -


TPSC is now on various social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Links can be found at the top right of this page, so be sure to link in!

July 30th 2020:


- TPSC merchandise -


New online shop with exclusive TPSC merchandise was added to the site. For the next 14 days

(this promotion ends August 12th 2020) there will be a 15% discount on all items, so don't miss this opportunity!


July 25th 2020:


- TPSC is now on Bandcamp & Soundcloud -

July 24th 2020:


- TPSC sound snippet -


A first sound snippet is now available in the media section. Enjoy!

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