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General information

Album title: Sonic Rebirth

Release date: March 15th 2024

Label: Metalville Records

Distribution: Rough Trade


1.   Sonic Rebirth Part I: About To Leave

2.   Sonic Rebirth Part II: I Am Here

3.   Sonic Rebirth Part III: Of My Senses

4.   Sonic Rebirth Part IV: Destroy Chemistry

5.   Sonic Rebirth Part V: Talk To Me

6.   Sonic Rebirth Part VI: Copies Don't Exist

7.   Sonic Rebirth Part VII: The Core

8.   Sonic Rebirth Part VIII: Goodbye To Love

Production & songwriting credits

Produced & mixed by Florian Zepf. Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA, USA.

All music & lyrics by Florian Zepf.

Recording credits

Vocals engineered and recorded at Vladimir’s home studio in London, UK. Florian's guitars, lead & backing vocals, keyboards, programming and percussions performed and recorded at Florian’s home studio in Weimar, Germany. Gerald Peter's and Zsolt Kaltenecker's keyboard recordings were done at their respective home studios in Vienna, Austria (Gerald) and Budapest, Hungary (Zsolt). Bass recorded by Jamie Powell and Simen Daniel Lindstad Børven at their respective home studios in Telford, UK (Jamie) and Kristiansand, Norway (Simen). Percussions recorded and engineered by Luis Conte at Magnifico Studios, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA. Drums engineered and recorded by Tim Korycki and Adam Marko at their respective home studios in St. Wendel, Germany (Tim) and Budapest, Hungary (Adam).

Artwork credits

Concept for album cover by Florian Zepf. 



Vladimir Lalic – Lead vocals, backing vocals

Megan Burtt – Guest lead vocals (Part V)

Florian Zepf – All electric & acoustic guitars, pedal-steel- & resonator-guitars, banjo, mandolin,

additional lead vocals (Part II), backing vocals, programming, additional percussions

Jamie Powell – Bass (all songs except Part V)

Simen Daniel Lindstad Børven – Bass (Part V)

Tim Korycki – Drums (all songs except Part V)

Adam Marko – Drums (Part V)

Luis Conte – Percussions (Part III)

Isaac Alderson – Uillean pipes & flutes (Part I)

Aneesh Kashalikar – Duduk (Part IV & Part VII)

Damiano Della Torre – Accordion (Part V)

Maria Grigoryeva – Violins, violas & cello (Part VII)

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